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Trackside Studio Ceramic Art Gallery

“Cup of Joy” Invitational exhibit of local and regional ceramic artists featuring cup, mug, tankard, goblet, sake, and yunomi.

Open Wednesday-Friday 11-3, and whenever else we are working in the studio,
call us at 863 9904

Exhibit Dates:  December 5 - January 30

Shop Online here  mkt.com/trackside-studio


 Founded in 2006, and located in downtown Spokane, Washington, Trackside Studio Ceramic Art Gallery, is both a working ceramic studio and an elegant sales gallery featuring monthly ceramic exhibits.  

The studio portion of Trackside is home to Spokane clay artists, Chris Kelsey and Mark Moore.  The Trackside Gallery provides a space to exhibit their work and that of exhibiting partner Gina Freuen.  Several shows during the year feature other ceramic artists on an invitational basis.  (See Galley Calendar)  Trackside is proud to represent professional quality, functional pottery, sculpture and art objects, all hand made, one of a kind and highly collectible.

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